Message From Director

Welcome to the reverberant environment of B.M Law College, Jodhpur. At B.M Law College, we believe in developing high-quality human capital that can walk the sharp competitive edge with determination and grit in the field of law. The foundation of B.M Law College has been fortified with ethics and vision such that it can withstand the weight of globalization of professional education in various areas.

Legal education in India is going through a very exciting phase today. The legal education stands at the crossroads of keeping pace with the emerging needs of humankind alongside the fast-changing trends in governance and the vast economic and infrastructural needs of the nation. As a result, the scenario of legal education in India is becoming more and more specialized with growing opportunities in this field.

The integration of law in the field of corporate management has greatly improved the standard of legal education and has led to an evolved cohesion with the requirements of the economic and corporate world. We at B.M Law College, seek to make it a model by incorporating various suggestions from experts about the blending of law with the need of the corporate and business sectors.

In our country, we have a prodigious pool of young talent, which can shine bright with some expert guidance. B.M Law College is committed to doing that with the help of excellent faculty, first-rate infrastructure, vibrant student life, and stimulating student activities.

Best wishes ...
Dr. V. S. Vyas