General Rules of Conduct

Discipline is a must for the development of any institution. No example of continuous progress without a strong disciplinary spirit can ever be found anywhere. The elements acting against legal criterion, are controlled by reformatory means and if necessary by legal procedure, so that this sacred shrine may accomplish its duty of ‘gyanyajna’ without any hindrance

There are certain rules and regulation framed by the College from time to time, which are to be followed to maintain the cordial atmosphere in the campus. Without prejudice to the generality of the powers of the Director, various authorities in the College, viz. faculty in the class and Librarian in the Library, shall have the authority to exercise all such disciplinary powers over students in their respective places in the College as may be necessary for the proper conduct and discipline of students in the College campus. Such authorities shall be fully authorized to take appropriate action in case of indiscipline or indecent behaviour of the student and expel the concerned student from the class, library etc.

Disciplinary Rules and Regulations

  1. Students are requested to maintain the highest standard of behaviour and discipline both inside and outside the College.

  2. Every student should possess an identity card issued by the College which should be produced whenever asked for especially when dealing with the office.

  3. Dress Code: The students shall wear College uniforms every day. The approved style of wearing uniform should be strictly followed.

  4. Students are required to improve and maintain consistency in their performance in the University / College examinations in order to get promotions to the subsequent Semester.

  5. Irregular attendance, indifference in regard discourtesy towards teachers, insubordination, obscenity in word and act, wilful damage to College property, anti-social activities, etc. are liable for disciplinary action which includes expulsion from the College.

  6. Attendance to the College functions like association meetings, College assembly, seminars, group discussions, Industrial visits, Viva Voce, etc. is obligatory to all students.

  7. Without the permission of the Director students shall not organize any activities or associate with any outside group concerned with the College.

  8. Ragging is banned on the college campus. Anyone found guilty of ragging and /or abetting ragging is liable to be punished as per the directive of the UGC and Govt. Any incident of ragging will be dealt with seriously.

  9. The Director shall have the power to expel any student from the College if the student is guilty of serious misconduct or student’s presence in the College is injurious to the order and discipline.