About Us

BM LAW COLLEGE, is an institute committed to the core values of ‘excellence’, ‘perfection’, ‘inclusive growth’, ‘rule of Law’ and ‘justice’, backed by legal professionals, law academicians, advocates as well as social activists. BMLC was established in the year 2018. Late Prof. M.K. Vyas, Former Dean and HOD of Faculty of Law, JNVU, Jodhpur, was its founding director.

BMLC epitomizes excellence in legal education. Quality education from the top notch faculties in the field of legal education along with the affordable fees is self-explanatory about the institute and the goals which it desires to achieve.

BMLC aims to prepare outstanding lawyers and legally trained professionals to serve their local, national and global communities with excellence, integrity and professionalism. Additionally, BMLC intends to focus on problems through incorporation in its legal curriculum the problems of national unity and integrity and related issues of religious antagonism, problems of ethnicity, plurality and of multicultural society through intake of students from diverse localities and regions.

BMLC is affiliated to Jai Narain Vyas University and also approved by the Bar Council of India.

Our Vision

BMLC is established by the mission driven Law Academicians, Management Gurus, Social Scientists, Legal Practitioners and Philanthropists whose main objective is to impart quality Law education through in-depth conceptual and analytical studies, rigorous training in debating skill and translations of ideals of Law in the society through practical and field studies.

BMLC seeks to achieve global excellence in the field of legal education and research through its innovative ideas and teaching methodologies. It strives to shape a better future for humanity by developing effective and socially responsible legal professionals.

Our Objective

The objective of a Legal Studies Program in India reflects the prevailing ethical and educational standards established by the Bar Council of India and by the Affiliating University to enhance competent and effective delivery of legal services to all segments of society. It has been endeavor of BMLC to establish high standards of legal learning. Precisely BMLC has following Objectives:

  1. Provide opportunity for students to receive applicable training, practical skills, and necessary education to effectively contribute to the legal environment.

  2. Prepare students to become an integral part of a legal team.

  3. Enhance students’ understanding of their ethical responsibility and role.

  4. Provide students with an understanding of the Indian legal system.

  5. Teach students active listening skills and effective written and oral communication skills.

  6. Provide students with extensive instruction in legal research and technology offerings, including the use of electronic legal research databases.

Why BM Law College

BM Law College epitomizes excellence in legal education. Our innovative and creative educational experiments will definitely give an edge over other law colleges of the state as well as of the country. Quality education from the top notch faculties in the field of legal education along with the affordable fees explains everything about our noble mission. Aspirants of legal career have all that they need to move ahead with confidence.